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2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet

Audi continues to push forward stylish, powerful convertibles. The 2014 RS5 Cabriolet is a bold convertible that commands attention. With a 4.2L V8 engine and 444 horsepower, everyone will try to snatch a glimpse of your Cabriolet - from behind, as you fly by. Hitting 0-60 in an estimated 4.6 seconds, you know that the 2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet doesn't simply look good. For more information on any Certified Pre-owned or new Audi's, contact our Audi dealerships in New Jersey or California.

Source: Autoblog

Everything we said after driving the RS5 coupe still rings true, even after Audi has gone and ripped off its metal roof, replaced it with a big cloth version, and tossed us the keys. The 2014 AudiRS5 Cabriolet is another bold, big-boned airmobile to make open-top lovers swoon. There is absolutely nothing revolutionary to speak of here versus its hardtop counterpart, frankly, but tear-assing through the southern French hills as the brilliant sun warmed us is plenty good reason to talk a lot about it anyway. And hey, it beats frigid January in Detroit, where the RS5 Convertible is shortly to receive its US introduction.

One issue that could corrupt things a bit is the convertible's added weight factor. It's one thing when an Audi TT removes its top and gains 176 pounds, or when a Porsche Cayman morphs into a Boxster and gains 66 pounds; the effect on dynamics will still be acceptable. But when it comes to a huge-roof coupe like the RS5, that gain in mass becomes 400-plus pounds in cabrio form, for a grand curb weight of 4,461 pounds. As a number attached to this size of a car that's also branded with an RS badge promising raciness, we admittedly fretted. Then we drove the Audi RS5 Cabriolet to cheer up.

Winter weather had moved in a touch at the highest points of our long loop through the Mediterranean Alps, necessitating some adjustments. For this, the optional low-profile Pirelli P Zero fair-weather treads on $1,000 20-inch wheels were wisely swapped out for optional 20-inch Dunlop Winter SP Sport 3D rubber, sized 275/30 R20 97W front and rear.

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