Food For Thought to Travel Spill-Free During the Holidays

Many of you will be heading to your extended-family dinner during the holidays. But, have you given any thought to how you’re going to drive with the foods that you’re bringing? It’s easy for foods to spill, while driving, which makes a mess.

Make sure that your food is in containers that seal properly. A great way to transport cooked food is to use aluminum containers with a sealed top. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different designs. What’s also great is that the containers can go from the stove to the car and then directly to the dinner table.

For short distances, use a strong carton that can hold all your items. However, if traveling a very far distance, then a summer cooler with a few ice packs will be perfect for storage.

We at DCH Auto Group wish you and your family a great holiday and safe travel!
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