Preparing Before Leaving on the Holiday Road Trip

As the holiday fast approaches, taking time to plan your journey now will help you to arrive safely to your destination. These tips can reduce incidents of trouble and help you get around all that excess traffic that will certainly be all over the roads.

  • Pack the car the night before, and then get everyone up and in the car around midnight so you get several hours of travel underway without traffic.
  • The journey on the roads this holiday is a long one, so plan a few fun places to pull over and rest and give passengers a change to stretch their legs.
  • The day before the holiday will be the heaviest traveled, so do everything possible to be on the road the day before to escape those jams.
  • If there are major cities or airports along your current route, look for alternate roads less traveled just off the beaten path.

At DCH Auto Groiup, we have a team ready to give your vehicle a full check-up before your journey on the crowded highways.

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