Are Fluids That Crucial to My Vehicle?

Are fluids that crucial to my vehicle? Technicians often refer to fluids as the lifeline of your vehicle. There's a simple reason why. It's true. The fluids in your vehicle power many aspects. They help keep the motor turning. They help you steer smoothly. They help brakes work better.

Fluids are crucial. Your oil is at the top of the list. It needs to get changed regularly. Your owner's manual will give you specific details on how often you should change your oil. Most vehicles need an oil change every two or three thousand miles. Your transmission fluid also needs to get checked. This should be part of your regular maintenance plan. Your brake fluids are also very important. You also won't be able to steer your vehicle well without power steering fluid. Your car might overheat without the correct coolant. That's where our technicians come in with valuable expertise. They recognize the importance of fluids and regular checks. They can see if your fluid is low or simply old.

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