The colder weather is starting to creep in, and with those colder temperatures comes snow and icy road conditions. Nobody wants to think about it, but this is a good time to plan ahead and get your vehicle some much needed maintenance. In addition to those routine oil changes and inspections, considering the purchase of some new tires can be a wise choice for your safety and for the efficiency of your vehicle.

When there is ice on the road, your tires need to be able to properly grip the surface they are driving on. If the treads on your tires are quite low, this can also prevent you from being able to stop in a timely manner. This can be deadly not only for you, but for the other people on the road that happen to be driving around you. Not to mention, worn down tires can cause more wear and tear on your vehicle overall.

Visit DCH Auto Group soon to explore our vehicles and receive expert advice regarding the care and maintenance of your tires. If you’re shopping for new tires, your visit can also serve as an excellent opportunity to get those pressing questions answered! We look forward to aiding in your quest for reliable transportation this season and beyond!

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