BMW 4 Series Overview and Features

Did you know that the new BMW 4 Series has its own WiFi hotspot? Whereas engineers focused on upgrading exterior design, this year brought more tech and performance to the 4 series, allowing for new trims and engine styles like the 440i with twin turbo V6 engines. You get a ton of power with the latest 4 series, but you can also switch to xDrive, which lets you control the drivetrain. This gives you the ability to go into sport mode for speed or to save on fuel with ecodrive.

The versatility of the 4 series is unmatched. You get a lot of new tech features, like WiFi hot spot, pedestrian warning, blind spot monitoring, and voice-enabled commands. The infotainment system comes with an LCD that you can control with your phone, letting you listen to music or get GPS updates as well.

You can test drive the all new BMW 4 series at DCH Auto Group.




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