Why Drivers Love This Year's New BMW 6 Series

The new BMW 6 Series is again being recognized as a full-size luxury car that comes with an abundance of exciting features. These are a few features drivers appreciate.

The new BMW 6 Series has Adaptive LED Fog Lights and Full LED Headlights. These lights help to keep everyone safer on the roads. The driver of the BMW 6 Series is able to see clearer regardless of the weather conditions. The other drivers on the road will have little trouble being able to see the BMW 6 Series.

The BMW Navigation system is going to help get you to where you need to go in less time. Not only won't you need to ask for directions anymore, but the system highlights all the top destination points along your route.

Take the BMW 6 Series out for a test drive at DCH Auto Group to see some of the features drivers are excited about.




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