Nissan Maxima's Interior Features: Comfort and Style

When you're in the market for a luxury sedan, the look and feel of the interior are important factors for you. We'd love for you to come down to DCH Auto Group and take the popular Nissan Maxima for a test drive and discover it for yourself.

Gravity Seats with 3D Bolsters

Inspired by astronauts, the Nissan Maxima's zero-gravity seats place you in a neutral seating position. No more shifting into a different position when things start to get numb! The 3D bolsters hold you firmly in place, even when cornering.

Custom-Tailored Comfort

If you're looking for truly unparalleled comfort, opt for the custom-tailored premium leather or Italian Alcantara® seats. You would normally expect such luxury in a high-end performance car.

To experience all the the comfortable and stylish interior features of the Nissan Maxima, visit us at DCH Auto Group and take it for a test drive.
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