Navigate Difficult Terrain With Four-Wheel Drive

Have you ever been on the road and needed to cross over some seriously difficult terrain? If you were in a vehicle that had front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, you might have thought twice about it. Thick mud and standing water can impede on your vehicle's ability to get through tough terrain, but if you have four-wheel drive, you can cross barriers that would otherwise be unwise to try. Here's how to make the most of your four-wheel drive.

Four-high drive is best used when you're driving in slightly difficult terrain. For instance, if you're on a regular paved road that has some snow and ice, four-high drive can help prevent your vehicle from slipping.

Four-low drive can give you traction if you're trying to make your way through standing water, heavy mud, or thick snow. When you use this drive, you get more torque, so you should only drive at slower speeds.



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