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  1. Audi Calabasas Service

    Latitude: 34.14921188354492Longitude: -118.66249847412108

    • Sales: 855-806-4758
  2. BMW of Bloomfield Service

    Latitude: 40.789039611816406Longitude: -74.1947250366211

    • Sales: (973) 780-9494
  3. BMW of Freehold Service

    Latitude: 40.27537536621094Longitude: -74.29326629638672

    • Sales: 732-298-9055
  4. BMW Seattle Service

    Latitude: 47.59414291381836Longitude: -122.32504272460938

    • Sales: 206-777-1455
  5. DCH Academy Honda Service

    Latitude: 40.448322296142585Longitude: -74.29849243164062

    • Sales: (855) 984-6793
  6. DCH Acura of Temecula Service

    Latitude: 33.51448059082032Longitude: -117.15628814697263

    • Sales: 855-984-6752
  7. DCH Audi Oxnard Service

    Latitude: 34.22637939453125Longitude: -119.15636444091798

    • Sales: (855) 984-6754
  8. DCH Brunswick Toyota Service

    Latitude: 40.45547103881836Longitude: -74.4792709350586

    • Sales: (732) 418-8888
  9. DCH Ford of Thousand Oaks Service

    Latitude: 34.16297912597656Longitude: -118.8304443359375

    • Sales: (877) 833-7964
  10. DCH Freehold Toyota Service

    Latitude: 40.27899169921875Longitude: -74.29798126220703

    • Sales: 732-410-7780
  11. DCH Gardena Honda Service

    Latitude: 33.889263153076165Longitude: -118.30962371826172

    • Sales: 844-361-7221
  12. DCH Honda of Mission Valley Service

    Latitude: 32.78108596801758Longitude: -117.10282897949219

    • Sales: (855) 984-7342
  13. DCH Honda of Nanuet Service

    Latitude: 41.09736251831054Longitude: -73.9978256225586

    • Sales: (855) 984-6761
  14. DCH Honda of Oxnard Service

    Latitude: 34.22707748413085Longitude: -119.15717315673828

    • Sales: (855) 454-4184
  15. DCH Honda of Temecula Service

    Latitude: 33.514320373535156Longitude: -117.15523529052733

    • Sales: (855) 984-6768
  16. DCH Kay Honda Service

    Latitude: 40.2985725402832Longitude: -74.0927505493164

    • Sales: (855) 462-8334
  17. DCH Kia of Temecula Service

    Latitude: 33.513450622558594Longitude: -117.15570068359375

    • Sales: 951-699-3331
  18. DCH Montclair Acura

    Latitude: 40.8256721496582Longitude: -74.23101806640625

    • Sales: (855) 464-5522
  19. DCH Paramus Honda Service

    Latitude: 40.92333984375001Longitude: -74.0831298828125

    • Sales: (201) 351-2669
  20. DCH Subaru of Riverside

    Latitude: 33.93026351928711Longitude: -117.41374969482422

    • Sales: (866) 764-9492
  21. DCH Subaru of Thousand Oaks Service

    Latitude: 34.16179275512695Longitude: -118.82998657226561

  22. DCH Toyota of Oxnard Service

    Latitude: 34.22895812988281Longitude: -119.15269470214845

    • Sales: 855-984-6780
  23. DCH Toyota of Torrance Service

    Latitude: 33.79600524902344Longitude: -118.33847045898438

    • Sales: 310-602-7890
  24. DCH Tustin Acura Service

    Latitude: 33.726890563964844Longitude: -117.7980499267578

    • Sales: (855) 984-7024
  25. DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota Service

    Latitude: 41.580371856689446Longitude: -73.90949249267578

    • Sales: 845-234-4219
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mechanic fixing car alignment

Quality Service for Your Vehicle, The DCH Way

Don't know where to take your car for quality service? DCH Auto Group understands. We hear from plenty of people every day about the concerns, bad experiences, and misconceptions they have had when it comes to servicing their cars, trucks and SUVs.

At DCH, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service departments. Our dealerships offer:

  • extended service hours (early mornings, nights, and weekends),
  • express lube service,
  • competitive pricing for parts and service,
  • free WiFi in our waiting rooms,
  • and the ability to make service appointments online.

While we specialize in the vehicle brands we sell, we welcome all types of vehicles at our service centers

We want to service your car even if you didn't buy it from us.

DCH can perform warranty service on your car even if you bought or leased it from another dealer. DCH dealerships have state-of-the-art service centers and can help you with all your warranty, maintenance and other service and repair needs. And you can rest assured that your vehicle is being serviced by a factory trained service professional.

Brake work performed on a car

Lots of Advantages When You Choose DCH Service

Here's more information about servicing your vehicle at a DCH dealership that you might not know:

  • Have your car, truck or SUV's oil changed with us. At DCH, we match and many times beat the price of most of the "quick lube" shops.
  • Our service and parts prices compete and many times beat other repair shops.
  • Convenient weekend service hours. All DCH dealership service locations are open on Saturday, and some are even open on Sunday.

Regardless of whether or not you purchased or leased your vehicle from a DCH Dealership, we are committed to providing you with superior service. Our trained technicians have the tools, technology and expertise to keep your vehicle performing like new.

If you're interested in seeing what we can do for your car, feel free to contact one of our fine service departments above. We serve the New York, New Jersey and California areas.